Gilles' 'Ganbare Nippon' Mix Cloudcast by Gilles Peterson Worldwide!!!!!

Gilles Peterson から、今回の「東日本大震災」によせて
Gilles' 'Ganbare Nippon' Mixです。

Small Circle of FriendsのStudio75_Brainから
The Daybreak が選曲されています。




『Pray For Japan』と題し、イベントを開催。

Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio1)
Patrick Forge
Vanessa Freeman (live)
United Vibrations (live)
Nik Weston
Aroop Roy
Kay Suzuki
Koichi Sakai

Gilles Petersonに、そして日本を思う世界中のみんなを!


Small Circle of Friends

The shocking events this last week in Japan will affect us all. Many of my closest friends, family and work colleagues are there. It is my second home. As a DJ I have spent some of my most inspired nights in Japan. I always come back inspired, refreshed and motivated.

The Japanese people have always shown me love and affection – they are the most passionate music fans and if they like what you do – they let you know! We all need that in life. Japan is a positive nation and as such I am sure it will eventually recover from it's current trauma. I hope you enjoy this mix that I recorded today featuring some Japanese tunes that have touched me over the years.

Enjoy and of course…

Ganbare Nippon

Tracklist / Chapters

Fumio Itabashi Watarase
Hozan Yamamoto Ina Bushi
Ufo The Moving Shadows
Hideo Shiraki Quintet Sakura, Sakura
Spiritual Vibes Scheme Supreme
Grass Roots Essential Dub
Teruo Nakamura Umma Be Me
Toshiko Akiyoshi Quintet Phrygian Material
Small Circle Of Friends The Daybreak
Dj Krush Just Wanna Touch Her
Terumasa Hino Send Me Your Feelings
Pharoah Sanders Shukuru
Fumio Itabashi Watarase (Vox)

"Pray For Japan"

The north coast of Japan was hit by a horrible tsunami after an 9.0
magnitude earthquake on Friday 11 March that occurred 80 miles
offshore. Tsunami waves caused major destruction and killed many
...people in northern Japan. Current estimates are that over 10,000
people have died. Hundreds of thousands of people are without
electricity, and there serious water and food shortages. In
addition to this, the escalating problem at Fukushima nuclear
power plant made is taking the disaster to another level another
level. This is officially the worst crisis for Japan since WW2..

Being here in London, this incident is profoundly upsetting and
arouses the deepest sympathies, we feel the urgent need to take
action, to give a hope and shout to all the people in Japan. Please
come and join us as we pay tribute to the victims, raise money for
he rescue and relocation effort, and generally stand in solidarity
with Japan in the face of this terrible catasrophy.

Here are some of the wonderful artists that have volunteered to
perform for this event:

Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio1)
Patrick Forge
Vanessa Freeman (live)
United Vibrations (live)
Nik Weston
Aroop Roy
Kay Suzuki
Koichi Sakai

more guests tbc

Friday 18th March 2011
at The New Empowering Church
1a Westgate Street (off Mare Street)
Hackney, London E8 3RL
Nearest station: London Fields
Bus: 26, 48, 55, 106, 236, 254, 388, D6, N26, N55, N253

Donation: £5 or more
Doors: 7pm - 3am

All the donation and entrance will go to the Japan Tsunami Appeal by Red Cross.

Nik Weston facebookより引用させて頂きました。
Thx Nik Weston
from Mukatsuku Records